Our Experience


International Economic and Political Forums

  • Managed leader-level dialogues involving the US, the EU, China, India, Brazil, and other countries on issues including economic policy, climate, currency, and trade
  • Integrated through the G8 leaders’ summit a variety of government, private sector, and NGO initiatives on public health, food security, sovereign debt reduction, and the environment
  • Organized the first G20 leaders’ summit and represented the US in subsequent G20 meetings
  • Represented the US Administration and led or co-led bilateral and multilateral engagements and negotiations
  • Negotiated the accession of new member countries to NATO and the European Union
  • Advised European leaders on Middle East peace talks
Intl econ and political forums

Trade and Investment

  • Negotiated comprehensive international trade and investment treaties and resolved disputes arising under such treaties on behalf of governments and private parties
  • Represented the United States in WTO meetings and negotiations
  • Advised the President and Cabinet members on national security reviews of foreign investments (CFIUS), participated in CFIUS reviews, and developed new regulations to govern such reviews
  • Helped private parties identify their interests in trade and investment negotiations regarding market access, cross-border data flows, intellectual property rights, and regulatory coordination
  • Advised members of US Congress on international trade and investment issues, including free trade agreements and China market access issues
Trade and investment

Global Finance and Business

  • Coordinated aspects of the US and EU responses to the financial crisis and the regulatory reform agenda through the G20, IMF, and Financial Stability Board
  • Resolved “doing business” problems (e.g., tax, licensing, regulatory, IP protection, government procurement, national security) for technology, infrastructure, energy, accounting, financial services, pharmaceutical, and consumer products companies
  • Devised country-specific strategies to help companies access markets and build their profiles
  • Represented US financial regulators in international standard-setting bodies and bilateral dialogues
  • Oversaw development of US cross-border rules and regulatory decisions related to Europe and Asia
  • Negotiated regulatory and supervisory cooperation agreements with the United Kingdom, France, Germany, China, and other jurisdictions
  • Consulted UK and EU finance officials on post-Brexit cross border market access issues

US Economic and Fiscal Policy

  • Represented the Administration in negotiations with Congress on key legislative initiatives and testified at congressional hearings on such issues as trade, financial regulation, China, CFIUS, and sovereign wealth funds
  • Analyzed and advised businesses on significant legislative and economic policy developments, including tax, budget, trade, energy, and immigration matters
US econonmics